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Relaxing at Home

Exercises Using Breath for Relaxation

In times of stress our breathing can become shallow and rapid as tension builds in our mind and body. Using guided breathing exercises can assist to reduce this process and help you to find a sense of calm. As you focus on your breath, if your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to your breath and refocus on the audio voice.

Box breathing with Kim

Imagine a box with four equal sides, and align your breath to imagining the tracing of the box


Cue Control with Dr Vanessa

Use the cue word “Relax” along with your breath to create a sense of calm


Whoosh Breath with Kim

An exaggerated release of breath to bring a sense of calm


Abdominal Breathing with Dr Deanne

Use the completeness of breath to experience relaxation.


Triangle Breathing

Use the count of 3 for each phase or your breath.



Visualisation Exercises

Visualisation is an effective way to relax the mind and body, and to reduce tension in your body. Visualisation moves your attention from your current stress and guides your mind to focus on a more serene and calming place in your mind. By picturing a relaxing scene, such as the beach, garden, meadow or other peaceful place you can transport yourself to a place of calm.

The beach with Kim

This script guides you to relax by imagining spending time on a beautiful beach


Guide Imagery for Relaxation and Emotion Regulation

This script allows you to use your own image to support relaxation, controlled breath and emotion regulation


The forest with Kim

This script guides you through an imagined walk in a mountain forest


Counting Sheep with Kim

This is a guided relaxation meditation to assist you with getting off to sleep



Observational Exercises

Being present in the moment and observing your surroundings without judgment assists you to find inner peace and calm.  These observational scripts use mindfulness techniques to develop a sense of calm and bring your attention into the present and focus on what is right in front of you.

Mindful Driving with Priya

Being behind the wheel of the car can be a time of heightened emotions, this script provides strategies to remain focused on safe driving.


Body Scan with Jen

This script guides you through a scan of the body to raise awareness and to create a sense of relaxation



Relaxation for Kids

Kids can gain many benefits from learning how to self soothe and calm themselves with breathing and relaxation.  These guided audios using imagery are appealing to kids and can be used with children of all ages to practice relaxation techniques.

Bubble Breathing with Ellen

Imagine blowing bubbles with your breath to feel calm


Hot Air Balloon with Kim

Imagine blowing up a hot air balloon to achieve controlled breathing and relaxation


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